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Data analysis and
data visualization

Secure data accumulation and storage

We facilitate collecting data from patients and making it available to Healthcare Professionals, Research Scientists, and Patients themselves.

  • Episodes of attacks
  • Triggers
  • Warning Symptoms
  • Treatments/Prophylaxis
  • Statistics
  • Analysis
  • Reports
Our Services
For Patients

For Patients

Detailed and secure medical records are acumen tool in understanding diseases better and thus successfully fighting them.

A comprehensive technique to learn from the accumulated data presented in statistical charts and diagrams, in addition to the possibility to share the collected information with a healthcare professional alters the treatment, minimizes the attacks, and enhances lives of patients and their relatives.

That’s why it is crucial for patients to set up and track their personal medical history that would include:

  • Episodes of attacks
  • Warning symptoms
  • Attack triggers
  • Treatment
  • Medical procedures and surgeries
  • Time of hospitalization
  • Daily activities missed due to the illness
  • Prophylaxis
For Caregivers

For Caregivers

Our services assist caregiver professionals in improving the healthcare quality of their patients by fine-tuning the treatment and prophylaxis based on dynamic reports of patients conditions. The features involved are:

  • Augmentative understanding of behavior of diseases through custom time ranges
  • Achieving better health outcomes by providing highly personalized healthcare services
  • Avoiding unnecessary costs for not working medical treatment and procedures
  • Educating the patients to better organize and regulate their daily activities based on personalized real-life statistical data
For Researchers

For Researchers

We organize the accumulated data arrays into effective Scientific Registries. We securely store and transform the acquired information into a powerful tool for Research Scientists to help with:

  • Understanding symptoms, treatments, and fundamental causes of diseases in pursuit of a cure
  • Discovering brand-new options for diagnosis and therapy
  • Regulating care to avoid inappropriate healthcare services
  • Data merging, analysis, and scientific reporting of clinical trials
  • Ensuring security of sensitive patient data and proprietary information

ServicesData accumulation and storage

  • Data accumulation and storage

    Data accumulation and storage

  • Data analysis and visualization

    Data analysis and visualization

  • Web/mobile applications to access processed data

    Web/mobile applications to access processed data

Our processes are HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

About Us

Driven by
Health Care.
Led by Science.

We are an extraordinary team of IT specialists, patients advocates, and scientific researchers from US and Europe.

We are experts in medical software user interface design and development, data secure accumulation, processing, analysis, and visualization. We deliver web and mobile solutions to non-profit organizations, medical and scientific facilities, where collecting and understanding data are mission-critical.

Our goal is to support patients, caregivers, and researchers by providing easy to use and statistics-oriented solutions to give good insights into collected data.